Near Term Actions

HCCC works with its partners to bring actions informed by the strategic priorities of the Integrated Watershed Plan (IWP) to the Puget Sound Action Agenda. NTAs are identified as specific two-year actions that contribute to the IWP’s long-term goals.

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HCCC is the Local Integrating Organization (LIO) for the Hood Canal Action Area, as designated by the Puget Sound Partnership. As the LIO, HCCC works with its partners to identify priority Hood Canal Near Term Actions (NTAs) every two years for inclusion in the Puget Sound Action Agenda

HCCC has incorporated Near Term Action (NTA) planning with the strategic planning framework outlined in the Integrated Watershed Plan (IWP). While the IWP provides the long-term plan for ecosystem recovery in Hood Canal, NTAs are identified as priority two-year actions to achieve specific goals and objectives.

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Hood Canal Near Term Actions

2016 - 2018 Hood Canal Near Term Actions (NTAs)

Near Term Action


HCCC Integrated Watershed Plan Adaptive Management & Monitoring


HCCC County-wide Planning Policies Assessment


Hood Canal Regional PIC Program (incorporates Ambient Stream Water Quality Monitoring NTA, Seepage Pits NTA)

HCCC, partnered with Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group

Hood Canal Climate Change Adaptation Planning


Nearshore Inventory, Assessment, and Prioritization


Hood Canal Steelhead Recovery Plan Development (incorporates Water Typing & eDNA Assessment Scoping NTA) 

HCCC, partnered with Wild Fish Conservancy

Hood Canal Chinook Recovery Plan Update (incorporates Water Typing & eDNA Assessment Scoping NTA)

HCCC, partnered with Wild Fish Conservancy

Hood Canal Floodplains

Mason Conservation District

Assess Hood Canal Bridge Impacts

HCCC, partnered with Long Live the Kings

Explore Connection Between Human Wellbeing and Natural Resources in Hood Canal


Stormwater Contaminants Reduction

Jefferson Marine Resources Committee

Marine Shoreline Technical Support in Hood Canal & Shore Stewards Education & Outreach 

Mason Conservation District & Washington State University Extension Office

Local Regulatory Compliance Tracking System

Jefferson County

Native Olympia Oyster Restoration in Quilcene Bay

Jefferson Marine Resources Committee (partnered with Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group)


Track the progress of Hood Canal NTAs on the Puget Sound Action Agenda Report Card

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Integrated Watershed Plan (IWP) Steering Committee - Meeting Agenda

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Puget Sound Action Agenda Draft Near Term Action Solicitation (2018-2022)


The Puget Sound Partnership has released the draft Near Term Action Solicitation for the 2018-2022 Puget Sound Action Agenda Implementation Plan, for public comment. All public comments are due to the Partnership by July 27, 2017. See instructions in the document for how to submit a comment.

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